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  • Hotel in caribbean
  • Resort in caribbean
  • Diving site in caribbean
  • Hotel room rates in caribbean
  • Turquoise holidays in caribbean
  • Hotel room rates in caribbean
  • Turquoise holidays in caribbean
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Things to do on Salt Cay

Guests come for the highly rated scuba diving and especially to see the Humpback whales migrating to their winter breeding grounds on the nearby Mouchoir Banks. Others come to enjoy an island where the transportation includes golf carts and bicycles, where walks on the beach leave only your footprints, and where the bright lights are the stars. The water is clear, warm, calm, and a color that you must see to believe. Visiting Salt Cay means stepping into a different time a time to take it easy island style

Snorkeling Enjoy the crystal clear, warm, turquoise waters, tropical fish, and beautiful coral in various locations around the island. Most of the best snorkeling is just a short walk from Mt. Pleasant

Scuba diving Experience the uniqueness of diving the beautiful Coral Reefs here in Salt Cay. Dive package and trips can be arranged for you, just inquire.

Rodales says: Of the TOP 5 CARIBBEAN Destinations Salt Cay rates:
Best Advanced Diving #1
Best Dive Destinations #2
Best Value #3
Healthiest Marine Environment #3
Best Wall Dive #3
Best Macro Life #4
Best Fish Life #4
Best Underwater Photography #4

Wreck diving Dive the HMS Endymion. The 1790 British Man-O-War, judged the best preserved and never salvaged 18th century wreck site in the WORLD! Its a 16 mile boat trip, but when the weather is good, it's a sight not to be missed. Do this with a stop at Great Sand Cay, one of the most gorgeous beaches you will ever see!

Night diving Dive at night and explore the coral reef a completely new way. Many creatures on the reef come out only at night so if you aren't night diving you're only getting half the experience!

Diving with whales This can be done during the first three months of the year when the humpback whales migrate to their winter breading grounds on the Mouchoir banks between Salt Cay and the Dominican Republic. You will often see or hear them when you dive at this time of the year. If you are not a diver, arrange for a seat on a whale watching boat, and hop in with them for a swim Green Flash Whales has hydrosound equipment on-board, so you can listen to their songs while watching. This area is the calfing grounds of the humpback whale and mother and calf encounters are frequent. Soft water encounters are allowed in the Turks and Caicos, and all boat operators exercise extreme caution while still getting you in for a close encounter. Memories to last a lifetime.

Beach walking Your footprints, the only thing that's left behind you when you walk the beaches in solitude.

Bicycle riding If you stay at Mt. Pleasant your bike is free, if not, you can rent a bike, or a golf cart and tour around the island. If you would like to rent a cart on island you should do it in advance as there is limited availability. You can make cart arrangements through Mount Pleasant.

Hammocking You can rest peacefully under the cool Ocean breeze.

Nature trails Several miles of trails for exploring souls and fabulous birdwatching are available. Walk the trails to the old whale lookout ruins or around the salinas.

Excursions - Explore the history of the island from the salt flats to the old buildings, the amazing ruins from a time long gone.

Robinson Crusoe - Day trips, picnics to nearby deserted islands, plan a trip to Gibb's Cay to snorkel with the stingrays. Enjoy the fabulous rays without all the crowds of other Stingray Cities.

Shelling - Search for conch, sea shells, and all kinds of goodies washed ashore

Photography Many old buildings, fences, gateways, and ruins waiting to be framed plus wildlife, feral donkeys, cows, migrating birds, and scenic vistas abound.

Relax with a great book - Read with only the waves to distract you. You'll have uninterrupted time nearly anywhere on the island.

Napping Rest under the shade of a tree or on the beach and listen to the ocean.